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My love for flowers and design started as a young girl spending countless hours in what my grandmother referred to as her english garden. It was nothing special. In fact to most people her gardens were considered overgrown and full of weeds– not to mention all the "junk" my grandfather collected and had all over the yard and house. To me, my grandparents property seemed like its own world with a magical aura thats hard to explain. It's here that I learned to appreciate anything and everything not for what it was, but for what it could be. 

When it came time to start a career flowers were not my first choice. I attended Tyler School of Art at Temple University and graduated with a BFA in Printmaking and Painting. I love my education, it taught me to view the world in ways others may not typically see it. Art school, however, took its toll on me and I needed a break. I took a step back from my preferred medium, but I could not fully detach from that inherent need to create.

One day while sitting in my garden and flipping though a wedding magazine (no I was not engaged, I just really loved those magazines) it dawned on me that I could take my love for flowers and use them as a preferred medium to create and design art that quite literally is alive. I've never looked back since and couldn't be happier with that decision. 




My goal for Layers of Lovely is to provide a guiding hand and a bit of inspiration for my wonderfully unique and authentic clients in order to construct their dream occasion that is not only artful, but magical and most importantly tells their love story.

 Hi my name is Katie,

owner and creative mind behind Layers of Lovely.

Layers of Lovely is a floral and event design company located outside of Philadelphia in the New Jersey suburbs. We create a boutique experience by embracing our responsibility to enhance your special event with our visually detailed floral and unique design elements. 

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